Shirt’s collar: a style guide

The collar is definitely the most important part of the male shirt: from its shape and fit depend infact the impression that other people have about us. Choosing the best collar and matching properly each collar style to different occasions is essential to every gentleman.
Unfortunately most people do not pay enough attention to this part of the shirt, so here is a short and clear style guide about men shirts collars.


Often shop assistants of clothing stores say that the collar is of the right size if you have the space to insert between the edge and the neck a finger or two. Actually, with this test the collar is almost always too wide. It’s much better suggest customers a comfortable but not too tight collar.

If it is too wide it makes people seem thin or even sick, besides the fact that it leaves uncovered an excessive portion of the neck, with a less formal effect. Also, if you are forced to tighten the tie more than it should, the collar could wrinkle.



The classic collars from the more elegant to the more casual


  • The Cutaway Collar

Fashion always dictate new rules on the shape of the collar, changing the height and size. Apart from that, the basic rules about what kind of collar to wear are more or less always the same: the more open are the points, more elegant will the effect, and the higher, the more formal. Therefore, the high Cutaway (or Spread) collar remains the best match for the elegant suit.


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  • The Classic Collar

The Straight collar (also called Classic or Kent) is very widespread, very versatile and beloved by many businessmen. It ‘s the type of collar representing the Italian style. It is characterized by the tips quite close to each other and therefore suitable to match with thin ties with minimal knots. The half-height version, then lower, is indicated for young look style.


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blue-shirt-with-floral-design_1943 micro-patterned-blue-shirt_1647 slim-fit-midnight-blue-stretch-shirt_1618

  • The Button-down Collar

The more casual collar is the Button-down one, also called American, whose points are fixed with two buttons on the shirt.

The original function of the button-down was to prevent the tips from moving during the polo matches. In the US the button down shirts are considered an acceptable pairing for the classic dress. On the contrary, in Europe it is considered only suitable for the free time. Our suggestion is to reserve the button down shirts for leisure and to wear instead a Cutaway or Straight collar at work.


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denim-spotted-shirt_1846 twill-men-shirt-with-button-down-collar_1873 white-linen-button-down-collar_1360


For very special occasions:

The Wing tip Collar

It is a must-wear for the groom and an indispensable garment for particularly elegant occasions where a tuxedo is required. It is perfectly combined with white or black tie or bow tie. For a Groom shirt style guide read this post.Collars1

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