Kerbholz wooden watches: an eco-friendly jewel on your skin

 The watches from the German brand Kerbholz are wooden watches of highest quality standards. Each watch is manufactured with a Swiss quartz movement and has a wooden bracelet and frame.
The Kerbholz wooden watch is not only nicely designed but also eco-friendly since for any watch sold the factory plants a tree in Nicaragua.
The simple and clean Kerbholz wooden watch suits with every style and provides its wearer with a classic understated look.

All different wooden watches are available in the three different colors you see below:

HINZE for her
hinze kerb
lambrecht kerb
REINEKE for him
reineke kerb

These watches are very original and stylish, we suggest to wear them with casual clothes to enrich your everyday outfit.

Do you like these watches? Let us know what you think about them and how you would wear them!


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