Pocket square: how and when

A short introduction

Among all menswear accessories, the pocket square – or also called handkerchief or pockerchief – is any doubt the less appreciated and the more ignored by the common people. Still it is one of the most important one. Small but eye-catching, it adds a real touch of style to a man’s look and allows him to express his creativity and mood.

Wearing a pocket square became a common habit in France during the 18th Century, when nobles used to carry a scented handkerchief to cover up the stench of the city.

Over the decades, it has lost its practical purpose and has became more and more a symbol of good manner and elegance.


By the 1900s no fashionable man could leave home without a pocket square made of silk, linen, or cotton in his suit jacket’s left breast pocket. Then for a short period in the 1960s pocket squares became less popular, but these days they are once again firmly in style.

Gary Cooper

PicMonkey Collage

Catwalks 2015 – Source: Pinterest


Anytime you wear a jacket with a pocket it’s a good chance – or maybe a rule – to put a pocket square in it!

Nowadays pocket squares are worn by young hipsters, old school dandies, middle age actors, fashion’s lovers, politicians, your grand-dad, you and me. So there are really many possibilities in terms of how to wear it: with a classic and elegant suit to a wedding or instead added to a casual everyday outfit – and all the variants between these two examples.

Today we can say it is a more “affordable” accessory, suitable for all men who want to show self-confidence and style.

So, any time is a good time to wear a pocket square!


Source: Pinterest

How (to fold a pocket square)?

There are really thousands of ways to fold a pocket square, depending on the style, the occasion, the fabric and..your mood!

Anyway here are some standard possibilities:

1# The flat fold – or president fold: it is the most formal and clean one, simple but elegant. This is the best choice for politicians, businessmen and for all working occasions in general.PLIAGE-04

2# The one point fold: this is the classic and most common fold, easy to create with a linen or cotton pocket square, but not with a silk one, for which you should consider the puff fold.PLIAGE-03

3# The puff fold: If you own a silk pocket square, this is the fold you need to use.PLIAGE-05

Images source: www.pochette-square.com

DOs and DON’Ts:

  • DO match your pocket square with your shirt
  • DO NOT MATCH YOUR POCKET SQUARE WITH YOUR TIE: Choose your pocket square to complement the rest of the outfit by choosing complimentary colors (but not necessarily). It’s important never to choose a square that is identical to the tie – it looks cheap!
  • DO wear your pocket square with confidence.
  • Be creative and always remember, simple is best.

Now have a look to The Sartorialist 1958, an Italian Brand that produces modern and stylish shirts with a matching pocket square always included:

TS_0300 U S244 001_S61_S TS_0573_S052_002_S

TS_0306 L SGJ4_101_S61_S TS_0304 P SND4 101_S61_STS_0383_S052_004_S

Do you like it? Do you usually wear pocket squares?

TS_0320 F S254 002_S61_POCHETTE TS_0306 L SGJ4 101_S61_POCHETTE TS_0304 P SND4 101_S61_POCHETTE TS_0301 C S054 001_S61_POCHETTE TS_0301 V S054 007_S61_POCHETTE

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