Desert (Chukka) boots for a casual chic style – 4 reasons to love them

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Today we are going to show you a particular type of shoes, some call them desert boots, others chukka boots, in Italy they are called “polacchine”.. Anyway you surely know them because they are quite classic.


elisa_bersani_blogger_bologna_tieapart_alafois_wally_walker09From the blog The Gummy Sweet



From the blog Simply Mr. T

We think these boots have many positive reasons to be worn..

#1 They are very comfortable: Β for those who work all day, who stand during many hours or have to hurry from one place to another..these shoes are really a blessing! Their sole is made in rubber, so your step will be safe and comfortable whatever the ground.

#2 They are made in suede: this means that these shoes will keep your feet warm during winter, but they can be worn also during autumn and spring, because they are not heavy like leather shoes.

#3 They are casual but not sporty as sneakers: you can wear them but still look classy and well dressed. Match them with jeans or with a full skirt and the outcome will be very trendy!

#4 They have a wide variety of colors: whatever your style, your favorite color, you will find the best pair of shoes for you! In addition to the classic brown colored ones, you can choose between many other colors and change your look everyday if you want to!

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