7 things to do on Valentine’s Day

Find your favorite Valentine's Day activity

Whether you are in a stable and long-lasting relationship or you are a fresh new couple, you probably have no idea of what to do on Valentine's Day. If that's so, here are seven excellent but simple ideas for spending the day with your beloved! There are both low-budget still enjoyable activities to do nearby, and more refined and special solutions.. pick up the one it's more suitable for you!


A day at the SPA

Look for a romantic SPA or go to a free hot springs site, the relax is guaranteed!

Or, if you prefer a more intimate place, do it at home. Enjoy a hot bath with natural essences while listening to your favorite music. Simple but perfect, isn't it?


Ice-skating or skiing

This season is the best one to enjoy winter activities, so why not take advantage of it? 

Snow gives a natural romantic atmosphere, a day of skiing or ice-skating is the right solution for those who want to spend an active romantic day. Then falling down together or in each other's arms will be so romantic!


A dinner out

A bit less special but still an always good Valentine's Day date. If you think it is too ordinary, then it's up to you to make it special!

Choose a new restaurant, a cosy and intimate place where you can enjoy a unique dinner together.


One day trip

Run away from your everyday habits! Book a last-minute flight to somewhere you have never visited, or just drive aimlessly.

See new corners, take pictures of your day, enjoy the simple things you find in your way. That will be a day you will never forget!


Share the game

If passions are our lifeblood, sharing them with those we love makes them even more lovely!

But two tickets for her/his favorite sport or play the game together! 


Walk to an exhibition

Find out which exhibition will be open on Valentine's Day, find the one that's most interesting for you both, take your half and go! 

Walking hand in hand through the halls of a museum, appreciating together art and beauty, is particularly romantic!


Wine country tour

 A relaxed drive in the countryside, spotting beautiful villages and stopping randomly, taking some pictures of the view.

Then choose a characteristic wine bar, eat some good food white sipping a glass of wine to celebrate your love!

The Editor's Picks for Valentine's Day

Now that you have some ideas to spend Valentine's Day, make sure you have the perfect outfit for your activity!

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