7 footwear styles that every man should own



Shoes are the real basis of a perfect look. The shoe is always an important part of the male image, both for formal and working outfits, both for casual ones. Every occasion has its perfect shoe, it is absolutely wrong to wear the same shoe in different places and at different moments of the day. So, here is a list of the 7 styles of shoes that every man should have in his closet.




Two or three pairs of classic leather shoes are the minimum requirement for a gentleman worthy of respect, since they have to be always alternated. The colors are varied and today traditional shoes can happend to go beyond the usual brown and black. However, for more formal occasions it is always preferable to wear the classic black shoe.  But let’s see briefly the most important classic and fashionable shoes of nowadays.

The Oxfords:

Traditionally made of black or brown calf leather and presenting a straight laced closure. The Oxfords were born in England in the late eighteenth century and represent the most formal men’s shoes that can be matched with the suit. It must therefore be worn at work and on important occasions. However, today there are more modern Oxford shoes, suitable both for formal and casual wear, they can be made in different colors than black and brown, be plain or patterned. They are shoes that go combined with a cool look, but will also raise a more casual outfit with a white shirt and a pair of jeans.



The Derbies: 

The open lacing gives this shoe model a sportier appearance. It is a classic shoe with a slightly casual look, to be combined according to the occasion and to the colors to a more casual or a more formal outfit. It is the most refined alternative to sneakers when combined with jeans.


The Chealsea Boots:

Chelsea boots today are extremely popular due to their linear and classic look and to their comfort. They are extremely versatile and can be worn with both formal and casual clothes. They are also very appreciated during the winter season because of their high form that perfectly protects the ankle and foot from wind and rain.


The Chukka Boots:

Chukka boots are casual ankle boots originally worn by polo players in England. They are for the most cases made in suede leather, usually brown. They are the perfect combination for tweed, corduroy pants and chinos. Wear it for leisure or at work with a casual but not sloppy look.



The Brown leather full brogue:

The Brogue shoe is characterized by a perforated decoration on the upper. It is considered as a not formal but stylish footwear, if made in brown it is the classic English country look, in black instead it is also suitable for the workplace. It is the classic shoe that does not go unnoticed.





 The Desert boots:

The Desert Boots are very similar to chukka boots but the two models have substantial differences. First of all the soles of desert boots are made in crepe, which makes them more sporty. The desert boots are a classic alternative to sneakers, they are not suitable for business occasions.



The leather sneakers:

Sneakers are the equivalent of the t-shirt in terms of shoes. Those who love to wear sneakers do so because they are trendy, youthful and comfortable. Today some people dare to match an elegant suit with sneakers, but most people wear them with a casual look for leasure time. There are many different types of sneakers, the more discreet and fine one is definetively the one made of leather, which is fashionable, comfortable but also resitent and of a higher quality.



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