The revival and the trend of hats today: between classic and contemporary, chic and casual.

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Untill the 50ies of the last century, the hat was definitively a very important part of both men and women’s look. A man without his hat was considered as not respectable, a woman without a hat coordinated with her dress, couldn’t be seen as a classy woman.

Subsequently, this accessory became less and less important, and it started to loose its status and relevance.

But, in the last years, we are witnessing a revival of the hat as a real Must-Have for every stylish and fashionable person.

It is enough to consider the catwalks of the last Fashion Weeks all over the World and the fashionistas that we have seen in the streets of NY, London, Paris, Milan..

Paris Fashion Week - Chanel - Catwalk



Every Fashion Blogger can no more suggest an outfit without including a hat and, we must say, even the celebs can’t help wearing it anymore! On the red carpet, in television, on holiday, in real life.. hat is always ok!

hat collage

The Trend is clear: this is an accessory that can’t absolutely miss in your wardrobe!

That’s why we decided to offer you a brand new hat Collection of the S/S 15 Season. The brand is of course italian, traditional and contemporary at the same time. Doria 1905 is a hat maker that produces artisanal hat for men and for women; the materials’ choice and the finishing of details are made with the best care and attention, keeping unchanged the processing techniques handed down from generation to generation.

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The hat types of this season are mainly panama, trilby, fedora, floppy straw and cloche. The style can be elegant, casual, modern or country.

Here are some pictures:

image40 (1)

image37 (1)



Men’s and Women’s hats (click on the hats you like to shop on


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