What to wear to a house party

When it comes to decide what to wear to a house party, you must be really careful on the outfit you choose, the slip-up is just around the corner! Whether you will be with well-known longtime friends, whether you are going to meet new people, you probably want to impress in a good way, without looking untidy or flashy.

But dressing for parties is not a definite science, of course it depends on the party occasion, on the context and on the people around you.

Considering an average style party at home, here is a dress code brief guide on what to wear to be impeccable without any effort.


In occasions like a party, you are always supposed to wear a shirt, forget about slogan T-Shirts and sweater with no shirt underneath, no way.

The shirt can be combined with a wool sweater or a casual jacket. The neck accessories are optional, but consider a bow tie if you do not want to go unnoticed. Leave the last button unbottoned and  the sleeves rolled up for a relaxed look or button it up if you wear a bow tie and you prefer a smarter look. Match crewneck sweaters with button-down shirts, v-neck ones with classic collar and cardigans with spread collar. If you wear a jacket, don’t forget to wear a handkerchief in the breast pocket, it is a little detail that makes the difference.

Here are some top outfit ideas:


When it comes to the bottom half of the outfit, remember that darker colors and tight cut are more elegant than lighter colors and large fit. If you are wearing a casual sweater with a shirt, chino pants are the best choice. You can also wear jeans, but you could look too casual. If you prefer a smarter look, match a more elegant top half outfit with stretch or dark pants.

Even if your pants fit you perfectly, don’t forget to wear a leather belt whose color matches with your trousers.



The final touch? Shoes that you don’t wear everyday, something special and elegant that will enhance all your outfit. Depending on the clothes you are wearing, you can choose between Chukka Boots, Derbys, leather brogues and patent leather shoes. I do not recommend sneakers unless the party takes place in the garden. Remember that shoes are the focus of a male outfit, so do not underestimate their importance!


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