Plaid Flannel shirts for men

Plaid shirt styles – Source: Pinterest




Plaid flannel shirts are a must-have casual style garment for men. They are soft to touch and warmer than other cotton shirts, easy to wear and really comfortable. Wear them under a crew neck/v-neck sweater, or with a warm cable knit cardigan, the matching will be awesome!

In fact,Β you can avoid the lumberjack style if you match the flannel shirt to a plain sweater or a jacket, it will look less untidy. Because they are considered casual, it doesen’t mean you can’t dress it up!

Flannel shirts can be worn on winter, spring and fall,Β take advantage of the winter sales to buy a garment that you will wear almost all year round!


To buy now on sale and to wear until late spring!


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DELSIENA and CARREL flannel and viyella shirts are 100% cotton made,Β  very fine and soft. Discover all plaid shirts here.

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