The best checklist for a perfect online shopping experience

Some useful tips for online shoppers


Ask the Browser

If the World Wide Web is an ocean, then the browser is your North Star. The only way to find easily what you are looking for is to make an online research. So, choose your favorite search engine (that could be Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more) and type in the reseach bar the keywords for the product you are looking for. The search solutions will certainly be a lot, if you don't know which website to prefer, keep reading, in the next paragraphs we will help you choose the best retailer for you.

Know what the e-shop offers

Check the website's security

Before choosing an e-commerce for your purchase, remember to check out if the website has the green icon of the padlock at the beginning of the address bar and if it has the initials https, and not http. In case they are not provided, avoid to make an order because the payment could be dangerous and your data could be read by third parties.


Read about other customers experience

In the case of online shopping, it may be difficult to trust the store and the service offered. But there is a solution for this: relying on other customers reviews! There is no better way than listening to the experiences of others to decide if that store is safe and reliable, if the shipments are punctual and the products are really as shown. Every e-commerce has a partner that collects the reviews of its customers, so you just have to go and read what other customers have written about it and decide for yourself.

Check the Free Shipping limit

Many e-commerces, including, offer Free Shipping above a certain order total. So before you make an order, check that limit and decide whether you should buy more to avoid the Shipping Fees. Receiving a parcel at home is always a joy, what if that delivery is also free?!

Read the Terms of Use and the FAQs

Boring but important! Spend some minutes reading the terms of use of the site, consult the Frequently Asked Questions and all the sections dedicated to the services offered. Here you will learn about the payment methods, shipping and return of products.

Join the community and get many benefits

Very often, e-commerce invites their visitors to subscribe to their newsletter. This offers multiple benefits that you should not underestimate.
First of all, the e-mails you will receive contain information about products and sales, such as communications about new arrivals, offers or exclusive promotions. Also, when you sign up, a welcome coupon is offered to make your first purchase, so why not take advantage of it?

Proceed to the purchase in tranquillity

Use safe payment methods

Once you have chosen the store for your purchase and you are proceeding with the order, choose the payment method you prefer among the various methods offered (usually credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery). Among the cards, prefer when possible the credit or the prepaid ones instead of the debit ones because they are safer. Anyway, remember that if an e-commerce has the https Security certificate, the payment is managed and guaranteed by your bank. Today the most common and faster method is through Paypal that allows you to pay without entering your bank details each time, without any commissions.



Type your data without any worries

During the order procedure, you are asked to fill the forms with your datas and shipping address. If you have read the Terms of Use, you know that your data are always safe and protected by the Privacy Policy! So don't worry about it and complete your order filling your personal information carefully to avoid typing errors.

Contact the customer service when needed

If you still have doubts or special needs, do not hesitate to contact the customer service by phone, email or online chat, they are available and happy to help you with the purchase!

Enjoy the shopping and wait for your purchase!

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