How to choose the right sunglasses for your face


Choosing the best sunglasses isn’t very easy, because not all shapes and colours will fit and look good on your face.

That’s why you need to read this easy guide before shopping a new pair of sunnies!

First of all you should figure out your face shape: whether round, oval, heart or square.


To do so, in case you don’t know that already, just use a mirror and something to mark on it (like a bar of soap or a dry erase maker) and trace the outline of your face on it. Than compare the result with the shapes above and find your face shape.

Now let’s find the best match!

Generally, making a contrast between your face shape and the frame shape is a good rule to balance your look

  • If you have a heart-shaped face.. complement wide cheek bones and a narrow chin with aviators or wayfarers that are wider on the top than they are on the bottom.

11_TYG_Gordon-CC-Streaked_Gp007_G5_F 10_SPK_Audacia_Havana-_Green_Mirrored-Lens_F

  • If you have an oval- shaped face.. you are lucky! Because most of the frames look good on an oval face. But keep propotions in mind and try not to go too big or too small for your face.

9_TYG_Gordon-CC-Light-Havana_Gp003_G2_F  21_TYG_Agatha-Kriska-Classic-Black_AKp001_M3_F

  • If you have a round-shaped face.. prefer more angular frames in order to offset fuller features with rectangular or squared sunglasses.

7_TYG_Caribou-Fluoline-Camo-Green_Cp010_G5_F  18_TYG_Lucy-Ferres-Light-Havana_Lp003_S4_F

  • If you have a square-shaped face.. balance your sharp angles with circular or cat-eye frames.

22_TYG_Martinique-Zebra_Mp017_G4_F  15_TYG_Belfort-Sea-Blue_Bp020_G2_F

The other things to consider, apart from the shape, are the colour and the lens type.

Always try to match sunglasses colour with your skin nuance. Not all colours go well with a pale skin or vice versa with a bronzed face. Make sure you look well with the colour of your eyewear!

Then choose the lens you prefer, whether mirrored, coloured, smokey or classic, this is completely up to you! But remember: the quality of lenses is essential!

Now you can have a look at our catalogue and find the best sunglasses for you!!

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