The new It-accessory of 2015 : the Bow tie

The bow tie tradition has ancient origins: born among Croatian men during 17th Century, then imitated and adopted by French upper class men, the undisputed fashion leader of that period, this accessory became in 19th and in early 20th Century the most important detail for a smartly dressed man.

Recentely, the bow tie has regained most of its popularity among fashionable men..

This year, in fact, theย Neo-Dandy is without any doubt the most “in vogue” man trend. And which is the quintessential dandy accessory? The bow tie, of course!

The keyword for this traditional but innovative trend is COLOURFUL: yellow, rose, violet, turquoise..and then the typical British colour like red, green, blue, bordeaux; with micro-patterns, embroideries, stripes and so on! There is something to suit every taste!


man with bow tie


The right bow tie can transform your look from unimaginative to unconventional and confident.

Add a bow tie to your outfit and reveal your inner James Bond!!

man with bow tie

Today, youโ€™ll find men adding a bow tie to outfits for many different occasions: cocktail parties, work, and casual everyday wear.

man with bow tie

It it so nice and versatile that even women are adapting to the trend! And the outcome is extraordinary!

girl with bow tie

girl with bow tie

We recommend Jesse Papillon, made with the best quality fabric!

Theย Jesse bow tie is very sophisticated andย refined, completely handmade in Italy, it is an extraordinary fashion accessory, a true style icon.

Have a look to the bow ties on our online Shop:

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Do you like this trend? Do you think it is fashionable or just “old”?

We think it is too cool! ๐Ÿ™‚

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