The new It-accessory of 2015 : the Bow tie

The bow tie tradition has ancient origins: born among Croatian men during 17th Century, then imitated and adopted by French upper class men, the undisputed fashion leader of that period, this accessory became in 19th and in early 20th Century the most important detail for a smartly dressed man.

Recentely, the bow tie has regained most of its popularity among fashionable men..

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The Pitti Boys


Dandy or Hipster?

Whose who know what Pitti Uomo is, can surely figure out what we are talking about. If you want to discover the new (or even future) trends, then you just need to look at these men, the true actors and idols of this fashion exibition.

Journalists and photographers from all over the world come to Florence to see, to interview and to capture their look, their attitude and outfit..because of course they are ruling the trend!

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