3 essential tips for the perfect groom shirt

Hi there! If you are looking for some tips and suggestions for the choice of your wedding shirt, this is the right post for you. This quick How-to will help you examining all the possible observations on the choice of your groom shirt’s style.

Tip 1: Fit your style to the one of your wedding:

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This is surely the most important thing to do, before thinking of your personal style. If your wedding is going to be very traditional and elegant, then you absolutely need to appear formal and elegant as well; while if you are going to marry outdoor, you should consider a more casual outfit.


The most formal groom’s shirt is surely white with wing collar and cuff-links, but a laydown collar can be also accepted to a formal wedding.

Of course, when it comes to the fabric, a high-quality material is compulsory! It could be made of cotton, silk or satin;  be dobby, popeline or twill, the real important thing is its quality – it’s your wedding, you definitively need to stand out!

Tip 2: Choose the details of your groom shirt

Now that you have clear in your mind which is the style of your wedding, it’s time to choose the details of your shirt!

As I said, regarding the collars, the wing one is the more formal choice, while the Cutaway and Spread ones give a more modern and youthful appearance, so they are more suitable for a less elegant style. You should also decide the type of collar after choosing the type of neckwear, but we will talk about this later..

So, what about the colour? If you are going to wear a tux, a plain white shirt is suggested. If not, consider using a colour that’s also in the bride’s outfit or bouquet and also take into consideration the colour of your suit!

Light-blue is a good choice if you don’t want to wear a white shirt, it matches very well with a common blue suit.


Then if you like to be a bit original, you could also think about a patterned shirt, but remember to not exaggerate! A soft checked one can be well accepted..

If you want to make a touch of class, choose a shirt with a pocket-handkerchief like The Sartorialist ones.

(N.B.: Dress shirts are more tailored than regular shirts, so remember that you need a perfectly fitted shirt!)

Tip 3: Don’t forget to match the right accessory to the ensamble

Last but not least the accessories! It’s very important to decide before you shop your shirt what kind of neckwear, cufflinks you would like to use as this would determine what structure of shirt you would need.

Necktie or Bow tie? This is your choice! They are both formal and perfect for a wedding suit.


Here are some suggestions:

  • match a straight tie with a Spread collar, this is an ideal choice for grooms with slim builds.
  • the wing collar is the best choice for a bow tie as all of it will be visible. This traditional stand up collar looks great also with a standard necktie.
  • if you like a lay-down collar, it could be a suitable choice for a straight tie too. It can also be worn with a bow tie, but only the knot will be visible.

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Today cufflinks are less wide-spread than the past, but they are still considered compulsory for a formal ceremony, especially for a solid white shirt. So, unless you want a casual wedding, you should choose a double cuffs shirt and the cufflinks to match with.

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In summary, you need to consider only few things to shop the perfect shirt for your wedding:

  1. The ceremony style
  2. The accessories
  3. The collar
  4. The colour
  5. ..and your taste!!

Happy Wedding!!


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