How to create a Boho-Chic look

The Boho-Chic style is not something new actually, but it has became so fashionable this summer! So let’s see how to create our own boho-chic look!

History of the Boho-Chic style

The term Boho comes from Bohemian, which means someone who lives, behaves and wears unconventionally, like the artists of the 19th Century. The boho-chic look developed in the middle to late 1960s and became especially popular after Sienna Miller’s appearance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004. After that, many celebs copied that look by adding something and varying the style in their own way. That’s why today the Boho-Chic is a mix of styles such as folk, hippie, romantic broderie, and ethnic-chic.

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Blue Mood


Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. It is sincere, reserved and quiet, it doesn’t like to draw attention. It likes to do things in its own way.

From a color psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible.

This color exhibits an inner security and confidence.



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NY Fashion Week’ Street Style – a real Color Explosion

Hi everyone! How are you?

As you know, today-the 19th-, the NY Fashion Week comes to an end. What I’d like to show you today is a photo gallery of the best of the street style in NY during the last days..where the starring role goes surely to Color!! Never again to pale and cold colors! The trend is to warm up the last freezing days with multicolor and eye-catching outfits! What do you think about it?

Don’t forget that the Milan Fashion Week is taking place from the 25th February to the 2nd March! I’m looking forward to see what are the news and the trends set by Milan catwalks and streets!

See you soon!

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