Shirt’s fit – An easy guide

An easy guide to shirt’s fit and shape

Probably most people don’t actually know that there are different types of shirt’s fit. We are not talking about the size of course, but about the shape, the way a shirt is tailored.

So, let’s see the differences:

Regular/Comfort fit

collage comfort fit

This one is surely the most classic shirt ever: the regular fit keeps the traditional tailoring silhouette, allowing a comfortable feel with a larger shape. It provides good freedom of movement thanks to a straight cut in body and sleeves. This fit has no darts on the back. This is surely the best choice for those with a more classic style who prefer comfort over fashion.

Slim fit
collage slim fit

This fit has slimmer waist and chest thanks to the darts on the back and the sleeves are more tailored than the regular fit ones.

The slim fit is more widespread among a younger audience, who are more self-conscious about their body and prefer a trendier look. Although it’s usually associated with casual and young shirts, a fine fabric choice may allow for more formal occasions as well.

Modern fit

collage modern fit

The Modern fit has small back darts and it is likely the most popular fit as it is a compromise between the regular/comfort and the slim ones. It reflects a more contemporary (or Modern!) conception of shirt fitting, providing both comfort and style.

At the end it can be useful to remind some basic fitting rules:

  • Collar: should be able to slide in a finger when closed
  • Shoulder: seam should be at the corner of your shoulder bone.
  • Sleeves: should allow natural motion and end at the end of your wrist.
  • Body: should not be neither loose-fitting nor too much tight.

“A “perfect fit” is not a concept equally perceived by everyone: what I envision as perfect may very well differ from your idea of perfection and although there are rules and critical aspects to evaluate fit, it depends greatly on personal taste.”  From the Gentleman’s Gazette

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