Guide to men’s scarf – 5 stylish ways to tie a scarf

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Winter is coming, so don’t get caught unprepared! Choose a men’s scarf and learn how to wear it because – apart from keeping you warm – it is a truly stylish accessory!

In fact, if tied properly, the scarf surely enhances a man’s outfit. There are many classic ways to wear a men’s scarf so, in order to match the perfect one to your styles and outfits, here is a simple guide to help you know each one of them.

In many cases a scarf gives a final touch to an outfit. But you have to experiment and try the different ways of wearing a men’s scarf and find the way that suits you the best. It is a very personal matter, and what suits one man will not necessary suit another. A scarf is like a neck-tie, and the way you tie it is part of your personality.

So have a look at this simple guide and find your favorite one!



Tightly tied around the neck,  leaning on the shoulders, or hidden under the jacket: some practical tips to wear the most classic accessory of the season


1. The Once Around

The most classic way, easy and casual. You can wear a scarf this way over a classic jacket in winter or over a shirt during warmer seasons. It will protect your neck from cool breeze but it is not the most warm solution. No doubts the result will always be fashionable!


2. The Drape

Simply lean the scarf on your shoulders, letting it fall along your chest under the overcoat or the jacket. This is a relaxed way to wear a scarf, it’s purpose is actually more ornamental than practical. It is mainly suitable for long coat wearers, preferably tall men, who have a very classy look and want to add a scarf to their suit ensamble.



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3. The Parisian Knot

Also called the European knot, this way is fast and functional, it will keep you warm during the colder months. It requires a long foulard or the outcome will be weird. You can tie your scarf this way and let it out of the coat, or hide the points under its collar.



4. The Over Hand

This way is something between the Drape and the Once around. It simply consists on a single knot to tight under your chin. It matches very well the suit and can give a very smart look. Choose to loose the knot a bit if you prefer a more relaxed style. This way to tie a scarf is also called the Ascot.



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5. The All Around

The last way is also the most contemporary one. It suits the more casual outfits because of its relaxed and young attitude. Wear it over a sweater or match it to an aviator jacket, your outfit will communicate nonchalance and refinement at the same time!

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