Unlimited ways to wear a Midi skirt (it just has to be eye-catching!)

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What we are going to talk about today is the Midi skirt, the middle-length skirt below the knee. Really in vogue during the 40ies, this skirt loss its power after 1960, when the mini-skirt became the uncontested trend.


During the last decades, the midi-skirt has never regained his place in the fashion world, because of the length or of the vintage allure, no young woman used to appreciate this clothing garment..

Thankfully, designers have given new life into this trend in 2011, highlighting its femininity and  versatile wearability, introducing a new range of fabrics and creative styling to suit every woman. Along with the revival of Vintage style, this skirt has reappeared in the closets and out in the streets, updated and combined with modern clothes.

It can be made in leather, in jersey or satin, pleated or voluminous.. but always high-waisted and with heels!! The choice is yours! 🙂
We really love these outfits! The midi-skirt can be elegant, casual, classy or romantic.. you can buy some on our shop if you like it! See you soon!♥1283-4f13520dff364f971266-2f63975319e4a174

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