How to choose the right sunglasses for your face


Choosing the best sunglasses isn’t very easy, because not all shapes and colours will fit and look good on your face.

That’s why you need to read this easy guide before shopping a new pair of sunnies!

First of all you should figure out your face shape: whether round, oval, heart or square.


To do so, in case you don’t know that already, just use a mirror and something to mark on it (like a bar of soap or a dry erase maker) and trace the outline of your face on it. Than compare the result with the shapes above and find your face shape.

Now let’s find the best match!

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5 Reasons we love wooden Eyewear


Some years ago, in step with the birth of the environmental awareness, a new fashion trend was born. In Europe and America, many designers have decided to launch a new way for the eyewear: the wooden glasses.

Minimal, clear, a bit vintage, but overall NATURAL. These glasses are made of a very high-level raw material: the organic wood is treated in a natural way, it is anti-allergic and anti-sweat.

But, do you think that they are heavy because of the wood? You must reconsider! These glasses are made with a very light wood and so they are very, very COMFORTABLE.

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