What to wear to a house party

When it comes to decide what to wear to a house party, you must be really careful on the outfit you choose, the slip-up is just around the corner! Whether you will be with well-known longtime friends, whether you are going to meet new people, you probably want to impress in a good way, without looking untidy or flashy.

But dressing for parties is not a definite science, of course it depends on the party occasion, on the context and on the people around you.

Considering an average style party at home, here is a dress code brief guide on what to wear to be impeccable without any effort.

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Let’s start writing!

Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway 

TieApart starts writing

Hi everyone, it’s very nice to meet you!

TieApart is new on WordPress and we hope to enjoy this new adventure.. as we hope you’ll like our blog!

So..what it will be about? TieApart.com is an online fashion shop, born in Tuscany. We sell very original products, for woman and man: clothing, shoes and accessories..but you’ll see!

tieapart campain in florence

What we really want to talk about on this blog is fashion.. new trends, fashion tips, interesting international fashion news..so every topic that have to do with it! That’s because we love to keep up to date about the last trends and to talk about them! 🙂

So..stay tuned and see you soon!

Ciao a tutti!!

Finalmente anche TieApart ha un blog su WordPress! Siamo entusiasti di iniziare questa nuova avventura e speriamo che anche voi apprezzerete i nostri post!

Dunque..di che cosa parleremo? Innanzitutto presentiamoci.. tieapart.com è uno shop online di abbigliamento originale e ricercato per donna e uomo, nato da poco in Toscana. Vendiamo anche accessori, scarpe..ma presto lo scoprirete!

Torniamo allora al nostro blog, perché ciò di cui vogliamo trattare è la moda in generale, il mondo fashion con tutte le sue realtà e sfumature.. le ultime tendenze, le novità internazionali, i nostri consigli di stile.

Allora, noi non vediamo l’ora di iniziare!! Ci vediamo prestissimo..! 🙂

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