The best Chukka Boots styles for men

Chukka boots are what every man needs at his feet during the fall/winter season. Warm and very comfortable, they are the best solution for those looking for a casual but not too sporty style. Here in this post we suggest some of the best Chukka Boots styles for men for your personal fall/winter inspiration.

Chukka boots guide

When we talk about Chukkas, we actually mean some different types of casual shoes. So, first of all we must clear up the difference between Chukka boots and Desert boots. In general Chukka Boot is the common name for ankle-lenght laced shoes, usually made in suede or calf leather, that became popular after the Duke of Windsor wore them in U.S. in 1924.

Desert Boots styles


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Among this shoe’s category, we also find the most casual ones, the Desert boots, that have reached great success thanks to the well-known Clarks model. They are less structured and usually have a rubber sole, discover our collection of Wally Walker Desert Boots here.

Wear Desert boots everyday with a casual denim or chino pants, but don’t hesitate to match them with more elegant trousers if you like a more personal style (or feel free to experiment with patterned and colorful socks!).

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7 footwear styles that every man should own



Shoes are the real basis of a perfect look. The shoe is always an important part of the male image, both for formal and working outfits, both for casual ones. Every occasion has its perfect shoe, it is absolutely wrong to wear the same shoe in different places and at different moments of the day. So, here is a list of the 7 styles of shoes that every man should have in his closet.


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The new It-accessory of 2015 : the Bow tie

The bow tie tradition has ancient origins: born among Croatian men during 17th Century, then imitated and adopted by French upper class men, the undisputed fashion leader of that period, this accessory became in 19th and in early 20th Century the most important detail for a smartly dressed man.

Recentely, the bow tie has regained most of its popularity among fashionable men..

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Let’s start writing!

Everyday is a Fashion Show and the World is your Runway 

TieApart starts writing

Hi everyone, it’s very nice to meet you!

TieApart is new on WordPress and we hope to enjoy this new adventure.. as we hope you’ll like our blog!

So..what it will be about? is an online fashion shop, born in Tuscany. We sell very original products, for woman and man: clothing, shoes and accessories..but you’ll see!

tieapart campain in florence

What we really want to talk about on this blog is fashion.. new trends, fashion tips, interesting international fashion every topic that have to do with it! That’s because we love to keep up to date about the last trends and to talk about them! 🙂

So..stay tuned and see you soon!

Ciao a tutti!!

Finalmente anche TieApart ha un blog su WordPress! Siamo entusiasti di iniziare questa nuova avventura e speriamo che anche voi apprezzerete i nostri post!

Dunque..di che cosa parleremo? Innanzitutto presentiamoci.. è uno shop online di abbigliamento originale e ricercato per donna e uomo, nato da poco in Toscana. Vendiamo anche accessori, presto lo scoprirete!

Torniamo allora al nostro blog, perché ciò di cui vogliamo trattare è la moda in generale, il mondo fashion con tutte le sue realtà e sfumature.. le ultime tendenze, le novità internazionali, i nostri consigli di stile.

Allora, noi non vediamo l’ora di iniziare!! Ci vediamo prestissimo..! 🙂

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